Information for SALVIAS Data Contributors

SALVIAS welcomes contributions of plant inventory or specimen data.  You can do this by us sending a copy of your data, or permitting us to link to your server, either directly, or over the internet.  In most cases, we will be able to make your data accessible over our website with little or no effort on your part.  Below we address some common questions and concerns of potential data contributors.

Why contribute data to SALVIAS?

The more participants contribute data to SALVIAS, the more everyone benefits. Improved coverage of more regions enable research at  scale far beyond  the scope of any individual or even institution research program.  Small institutions in particular will benefit from "networking" their data via SALVIAS; local collections of specimens or inventories can be compiled to provide regional or national coverage, allowing a vastly expanded coverage for research and conservation intitiatives.

Must I reformat my data to conform to proposed international data exchange standards such as EML?

No!  We believe there are better ways to network data than by forcing participants to agree to "international standards".  If you agree to provide data to SALVIAS, we will provide an application specific to you database which will translate your data into the format required by our database.

What else must I do to link my data to SALVIAS?

In most cases, nothing.  If your database is web-accessible, you need only provide us with the URL syntax for accessing your database (if you don't know it,. in most cases we can figure it out ourselves).  If your data is in a stand-alone database, on spreadsheets, or flat files, send it to us "as is" and we will take care of importing it to our database.  In either case, we can develop an import utility specific to your data without additional effort on your part.

Data access controls and intellectual property rights 

All use of data obtained through SALVIAS is governed by our Intellectual Property Rights Policy and General Participant Agreement.  In general, this policy requires acknowledgment in all publications, adherence to any specific data access rules set by the original data provider, and offer of co-authorship to contributors of plot data.  In addition, specific data access conditions apply to plot data and herbarium (specimen) data, as specified below.  For more details, see our Data Access and Sharing Policy.

If you are interested in posting your data to the SALVIAS network, or becoming a SALVIAS node, please contact Brad Boyle (   or Mike Weiser (

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